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Handmade designs, from the heart.

Our Story

Discover our story of passion for jewelry and creativity.

VG Accessories began with the establishment of distribution stores for jewelry-making materials, a first step that led us to achieve success and establish our presence in the main shopping centers of the Venezuelan capital. It was at that moment when Mariela van Grieken, with over 18 years of experience as a goldsmith and designer, channeled her skill and creativity into the art of goldsmithing to explore new horizons. This is how VG Accessories was born over 11 years ago in Caracas, Venezuela, extending its roots from Venezuela to Miami and Spain. Our products, handcrafted in Gran Canaria, Spain, reflect the fusion of artisanal quality and unique designs.

Today, the creative vision is also enriched by the brand's co-founder, Samantha Cabrera. Samantha, inspired from an early age by her mother in the world of jewelry, has brought her passion and vision to the team. With a background in graphic design and a lasting love for jewelry, Samantha has found her place as the creative director, propelling the brand's strategy and image to new heights.

The perfect combination of influences and skills, mother and daughter join forces to breathe life into VG Accessories, a brand that not only creates jewelry but also invites you to be a part of a shared and ever-evolving story.

Building Confidence

We believe that elegance and style go hand in hand with self-confidence. Our purpose is to inspire you to wear our creations with pride and assurance.

Quality and Durability

We are committed to creating jewelry that transcends time and trends. Our purpose is to provide high-quality, enduring products.

Creating Legacy

We aspire to be a part of your story, crafting jewelry that carries unique memories and meanings.

Our main objective is to become a part of your story, crafting jewelry that carries unique memories and meanings. We design pieces that encourage you to explore your own style and express yourself uniquely.